Crysta Perak
Crysta & People
filmmaker, photographer

Crysta & People

filmmaker, photographer


About Me

Crysta Perak is a graduate of the 2 year Film and Video Production Program in Stephenville, Newfoundland. Originally from New-Brunswick, she decided to move to Vancouver, BC in order to pursue her education in Zoology. Crysta is an avid photographer, and an aspiring filmmaker. She thrives to capture 'The Moment' be it in Nature or your personal events.

Please contact Crysta for her rates at the following address;

If you would like to view her first Documentary, "Discovering my Roots" please go to the following link;

Click here for Discovering My Roots

Available Dates

Open to Bookings.
Bookings more then 2 weeks in advance require 50% deposit.

Family portraits
Event shooting
Second Assistant

Contact for pricing info.

Slideshows also available starting at 125$ for 50 pictures.

Nature Photography

Here is a link to Crysta Peraks' Nature Photography, please enjoy!
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